The Best Price Begins With A Price Tracker2 min read

December 1, 2019 2 min read


The Best Price Begins With A Price Tracker2 min read

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Don’t you love hunting for a deal? The satisfaction of knowing you did the research by checking the price at multiple stores and then maybe even finding a coupon on top of that! You’re all set and ready to buy. But…wait! How confident are you that the price won’t drop any further? Should you buy today? Could a better deal be waiting for you in a few days?

Prices Go Up, Prices Go Down

Most shoppers aren’t aware that some of the biggest online retailers change prices by week, a few times a day or even by your location. Also, they tend to go up just before peak demand times – exactly when you need them. With all of the promotions, sales and discounts we see, its more confusing than ever to know the right time to buy. This is why we love to deal hunt. We want to beat the system and feel confident knowing we got the best price. So how exactly do we get the lowest price? 

The secret is Shopbrain.

Shop With Confidence

Shopbrain’s price comparison technology searches over a billion products and retailers to get you the best price right when you’re shopping for a product. Combine this with their powerful price tracker and now you have the best way to know if you should ‘Buy Now’ or ‘Wait.’

Here’s how the price tracker works:

  • Shopbrain monitors prices to help predict if prices will go up or down in the next 10 days
  • We’ll inform you when you’ve found a ‘Hot Deal’ – the best prices seen over the past several months and is unlikely to drop any further
  • Or, will tell you to ‘Wait’ – it’s likely a better deal may be available soon

In short, the price tracker takes the guesswork out of knowing when to buy so you can shop online with confidence. You’ll never overpay or miss out on getting the best price again! 

Next time you are shopping online use Shopbrain to compare prices from all the top retailers and know the right time to buy with their price tracker.

It’s time to be a smart shopper. Shop with Shopbrain Chrome Extension today!