Shopbrain Browser Extension Build 1904 Release2 min read

November 26, 2020 2 min read


Shopbrain Browser Extension Build 1904 Release2 min read

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Release Note

  • Significant performance enhancements both on the back-end services as well as on client-side components.
  • Upgraded machine learning model to version 12 with increased accuracy.
  • Improved user interface with an integrated view of both matched products and similar products.
  • Many minor bug fixes and enhancements.

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What is Shopbrain Browser Extension?

Shopbrain browser extension is the flagship consumer-facing product from Shopbrain. It is designed as an intelligent shopping assistant that lives in your Chrome browser. Once installed, it will automatically assist you in your shopping journey, saving you money and time. While you are shopping online, this browser extension searches and compares products you are interested in, behind the scene, to make sure you are fully informed about product availability and price, so you get the best deals guaranteed. 

Why did we create it?

At Shopbrain, we have witnessed tremendous investment and advancement in data mining and machine learning that went into retailers and marketplaces to analyze consumer behavior, develop pricing strategies, and optimize conversion. Meanwhile, consumers are left behind in the dark with very little help from technology. If you look hard enough, you will quickly realize that beneath the flashy exterior e-commerce websites have not fundamentally changed that much since early 2000. We decided to bring the latest innovations in big data and machine learning to help consumers so that all of us can become more informed and responsible online shoppers. In other words, we want to level the playing field between consumers and retailers using technology and innovation.

Design Philosophy

Even though consumers have been, generally speaking, left behind in the dark; however, we are not entirely helpless. Many of us do perform price research and comparison by hand, especially when making a significant purchase. From the very beginning, we realized that this manual process is the state-of-art — the best way to compare prices — since consumers can leverage different sites out there i.e. Amazon, Google Shopping, Expedia, Trivago to name a few. Additionally, our brain can filter out noises, i.e. ads, promotions, unrelated products, and accurately zero in on the right product. The only downside of this process is that it is time-consuming and labor-intensive which is why survey shows that consumers typically only conduct this type of research when the purchase amount is over $200. As a result at Shopbrain, we have decided to mimic this manual process using machine intelligence to build our shopping assistant; in other words, our browser extension was built exactly to automate this manual research. When activated behind the scene, the Shopbrain browser extension will visit a number of sites to perform a product search while filtering through noises using a custom-built machine learning algorithm mimicking human capabilities. It then presents these aggregated results to consumers in real-time.

Give Shopbrain’s browser extension a try this shopping season and buy online with confidence that you are not overpaying.

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