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Is it possible to increase D2C conversion without sacrificing margin?2 min read

July 28, 2020 2 min read


Is it possible to increase D2C conversion without sacrificing margin?2 min read

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Do you ever wish you could boost sales, without the margin-munching discounts, cashback, or coupons? Enter Shopbrain, a smart conversion optimization tool that prompts on-the-spot buying, appealing to the value-driven consumer.

How important is price comparison?

Almost three-quarters of consumers search for a better deal online rather than in-store, making value-for-money a key part of their shopping experience.

Converting casual visitors into paying customers is a top priority for most high-traffic brands. Statistics show that consumers typically shop around, with 86% of US adults and 65% of all online shoppers comparing prices before making a purchase.1

And when the product value rises to more than $250, almost 70% of consumers will spend more than 30 minutes comparing prices across retailers.2

On average, consumers visit up to six websites in making a choice. The more expensive that product, the more sites people will visit – meaning that your company could easily lose out to a competitor.3

How does price transparency help?

Shopbrain Smart Conversion Optimizer can help boost conversion by highlighting your competitive price advantage to the customer, leading to a quick sale.

Our price-transparency widget shares data collected from other websites, clearly demonstrating the savings that could be made by opting for your product.

The consumer is given the confidence to buy on-the-spot, with the shopping journey made shorter and more convenient.

Imagine that you could increase sales by 20%, the typical result experienced by our clients. Shopbrain Smart Conversion Optimizer will only ever boost your margin – it cannot reduce it. 

How does ShopBrain work?

Every day, Shopbrain’s Conversion Optimizer automatically scans your direct-to-consumer (D2C) catalog and the internet, sourcing alternative pricing options to display next to your products.

Our intelligent technology browses retail websites just like a real consumer, with no need for API or data feed from particular websites.  

The appearance and choice of available retail prices are personalised for each shopper, based on consumer intelligence gathered by the self-learning system. The sole aim of the algorithm is to optimise conversion, which becomes more efficient the longer the solution is active on your website.

From the very start, you will have a clear picture of how the system is helping to increase conversion rates, with a handy analytical dashboard.

It’s also easy to use, with no manual data input or complex configuration – so you’ll be set up in no time. You are invited to see the benefits for yourself in a 3-month free trial for most clients, and an easy, no-risk 30 day cancellation period – why not put our solution to the test? Contact sales today; email to schedule a free demo.


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